What is gravure print skill?

Gravure printing is to make the entire plate surface covered with ink, and then use a special scraping institution, the blank portion of the ink to remove clean, make the ink only in graphic in the part of the network, and in the larger pressure, to transfer ink to the surface of substrates for print. Gravure printing belong to direct printing. Graphic part recessed plate and degree of depression with the level of the image with different depth, plate blank part of the bulge, and in the same plane.


Disadvantages: before printing plate-making technology complex, long cycle(About 15 days),  less quantity doesn’t fit
Advantages: ink expression about 90%, rich in color. Color is vivid and bright, high saturation.  strong Layout resistance. Suitable for large quantity(3000 PCS Above)


foil food bags555food foil bags425

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Post time: Nov-15-2018
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